Can browsing real estates be a pleasurable experience? Sure!

Let’s face it - looking for a place to rent is frustrating.
The sites with online classifieds are unintuitive and full of spam.
And what if there is more than one person involved? Picking the right offer that all of your friends will agree on is difficult.

This app was designed to fix all of those problems.


Duplicate removal

You’re tired of seeing the same flats reuploaded every single day by its owners?
Fear not. When you say it’s gone - it’s gone.
The script automatically checks for similarities between submissions and flags them as duplicates if neccessary.

Cooperative decision-making

It has never been easier. Create a group with your friends and find a perfect place that fits all of your preferences.
Let your friends mark submissions as their favorites or dismiss them completely - every decision will be shared in your group, and only there.

Flexible rating

Apply different wages to parameters of greatest importance.

You’re looking for a submission that has the best price-m2 ratio?
The fastest connection to your University by public transit?
Or just one that happens to have the best photos?

You decide how the submissions are rated.

Interactive view

All available submissions are represented on a map with information that matters to you the most.
The places you and your friends marked as favorites are here.
The places that have been removed are not.

But most importantly - every submission has its price right next to it.
You can also individually click on every marker on the map to see more information.

Tech stack (bound to be changed while in development)

The main APIs are served using Flask with addition of the Flask-RESTful module. For managing asynchronous tasks such as scraping, calculating ratings or checking public transit connections, the script uses Celery.

Getting distances and public transit connections is utilized by using the Google Distance Matrix API.

The resulting package is designed to be used as a docker container.


This project is undergoing a refactoring (basically a complete re-write) to make it more flexible and to allow for support of every city.

The documentation will soon be updated.